Tigran Khachatryan



Medium: DVD video
Duration: 12:20 min.

I started working on "Beginning" video-film as the continuation of my series of Garage-Film project, which started in 2001. From the very beginning when I saw Artavazd Peleshian's "Nachalo" short-film, which was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution, and with the happy coincidence of this year (2007) being the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution, it became clear to me that I need to uncover the creative layers which Peleshian has tried to create as a resistance to the oppressive regime of the Soviet Union.
In the first instance I used edited, ready archival segments shot by others, ridding them from narration as much as possible. Iintended to emphasize the emancipating spirit, the speed, the eroticism and the senseless game of the October Revolution as a principle of life. For this purpose I used poems by Tbilisi resident Armenian futurist-poet Kara Dervish. Kara Dervish is one of the first futurists who welcomed socialist revolution, but later was forgotten; one might even say he was outcast by the Soviet regime.
As one of the leaders of the October Revolution Leon Trotsky insisted that "Art is as much faithful to the revolution as it is to itself." This thought is in contradiction with the dominant attitude towards cinematography of the Soviet era, which is characterized by a famous statement by Lenin: "For us the most important art is the cinema." This unequivocally refers to propagandistic and ideological role of cinema.
In my opinion these issues were also important for Peleshian in 1967, when he was creating the "Nachalo". I have tried to revisit the stereotypical vision of the October Revolution, where Bolshevism is represented as steadily working mechanism of the bureaucratic apparatus. For me revolution is reevaluation of creativity between life and art. More concretely, I see the Russian revolution as a beginning, a kind of youthful enthusiasm for living a full life.