Davit Kareyan

Monument of Solidarity


Medium: video performance
Duration: 2:56 min.

In his open letter Why a War to Einstein Freud insists on the fact that war is unavoidable, and the world without violence is a poetic desire for justice.
Is it possible to put up with the violence dominating in the world?
The affirmation that it is possible to create a society where violence and power are not connected with erotica is still considered actual.
The liberation of sexual life starting from the 60s enabled a lot of people to feel their power over their fate. It is possible to change the place of living, profession, sex, the color of ones skin and so on. But is it possible to overcome neopatriarchalism, the demonstration of power, exploitation, and senseless exhaustion? In the Monument of Solidarity the man appears as the author of all the ideas, projects existing so far and is more ready to ruin the world than to yield.