19 May, 2016, 19:00

The next meeting of Video Art Archive՚s program "Screenings and Conversations" will take place in Studio 20 on May 19, 7pm with artist Hovhannes Margarian and art critic Vardan Jaloyan. The subject of the discussion will be contemporary political art on the example of Hovhannes Margarian՚s video art works.

The artist expressing urgent problems in his works with his analytical look displays an engaged attitude towards political phenomena striving to be in the local social, political and public situation.

The contemporary protest movements – “Occupy”, “Arab Spring”, “Russian Winter”, similar movements in Armenia, problematized the structures and institutions of neoliberal capitalism, including in contemporary art.

In these conditions it is a priority the formation of a new political art that is not related with the market and the system but is a contemporary protest art - in its manifestations connected with new street political movements.

Hovhannes Margaryan in his video works questions issues directed to revealing the essence of power and violence in contemporary society.

In contemporary society of "spectacle" power belongs to images and mass media turn that images into performance, suggesting that there is nothing beyond spectacle.
Hovhannes Margaryan using the method of montage subjects mass media and the stereotypes of society of spectacle to critical analyses.

In Margaryan՚s video works the political is the power that gives its conventions to time.

Hovhannes Margaryan is one of the representatives of the first generation of contemporary art and one of the founders of new political art in Armenia. He has participated in the exhibitions of the "Third Floor".

Video Art Archive՚s program “Screenings and Conversations” aims to question in the context of contemporary art how the moving image produces ways of thinking and to foster the creation of the critical discourse on moving image. The aim of the program is to readdress the content to which the artists working in Armenia in recent 25 years have referred in their art practices.
Video Art Archive is the project of Art Basis that works on the collection and preservation of video works.
The project is realized in the frames of the “Regional Art and Culture Project in the South Caucasus”, which is managed by the Culture and Management Lab with financial support of the Swiss Cooperation Office for the South Caucasus (SCO).