Hovhannes Margaryan



Medium: two-channel video
Duration: 3 min.

The work is a montage of the documentary of October 27, 1999 terrorist events at the National Assembly of RA, projected on a reflecting mirror surface. Two screens separated by a thin layer, side by side, on the right, the terrorist attack and on the left, the panic happening outside the National Assembly at the same time.
The running text on the screen reads:
“-Who is your caregiver?
-She who sees me, but I do not see her.
-She who hears me, but I do not hear her.
-She who orders me, but I do not order her…”
It is an extract from the creations of the medieval fabulist Vardan Aygektsi.
There is also a version of three chanel video.
The third screen that separated fromtwo larger range projected similarly is reflecting surface of the mirrored environment of model and documentary video editing of February 3, 1998 RA First President Levon Ter-Petrosyan's resignation, hinting at what the causes and effects of the current vague connections are.

2001 - XLIX Venice Biennale Armenian pavilion at the St. Lazarus Island
2001 - "Work in progress", ACCEA, Yerevan