Davit Kareyan



Medium: DVD video
Duration: 2:03 min.

In the video film Eukharistia 450 is a performance that presents an archaic recollection of the social agreement as a dream of a lonely man. The desire for freedom and independence turns into catastrophe when it does not end in social agreement. Communication ceremonies, reminding of the necessity of tolerance, are trying to stop the conflicts, which seem endless. Is there a way out of that vicious circle, can art influence reality, or we are doomed to submit to that game, by only finding explanations and excuses. In this video film I proceed from the conviction that the reformations taking place in art influence the society. And if we manage to sublimate the subconscious urges subject to frustration, we avoid the danger of crash / depression, suicide, terrorism /. Such reformism is nothing but a sign of culture.
The video film Eukharistia 450 shows the counteraction of the physical and the mental in the process of an individuals formation.