26 May, 2016, 19:00

The next meeting of Video Art Archive’s program "Screenings and Conversations" will take place in Studio 20 on May 26, 7pm with an artist Diana Hakobyan and an art critic Vardan Jaloyan. The subject of the discussion will be women’s contemporary art on the example of Diana Hakobyan’s video art works.

Diana Hakobyan has been doing video art since 1997. For the artist it was important the possibilities that video gave for showing body movement. The portrayed movements are simple, several shots that express the pleasure from the game, leap and give importance to freedom and joy. As the artist notes: “As if it is an attempt of struggle in the form of a leap against the numbness of the body - my videos are trying to move the body. In this particular case the leap is the extreme movement”.

Sometimes social, feminist, political themes appear in her videos. Diana is able to see the invisible, the imperceptible, the other side of the material world, which gives charm and specific optics to her works. Diana’s reality is an author’s reality.

Women artists have another optics than their male counterparts which is due to their role in the patriarchal world and the gender inequality continuing for centuries. Each visual representation, be it a painting, a sculpture, a photograph, a film, legitimizes the governing ideology in the culture: it is not a representation of something, but for somebody. Elaine Showalter has proposed that woman in art speaks in two voices, one in the governing ideology and the one that is connected with woman’s feelings and thoughts. This second voice often remains unnoticed and it requires efforts for recognizing it.

Women artists in Armenia often have to choose between art and family, personal and public, which poses difficulty in patriarchal society. It is known that women who have children feel less confident than their male colleagues. Many of Diana’s works try to unite art and family. She tries to find joy in both of them. Her works are life-affirming.

Video Art Archive’s program “Screenings and Conversations” aims to question in the context of contemporary art how the moving image produces ways of thinking and to foster the creation of the critical discourse on moving image. The aim of the program is to readdress the content to which the artists working in Armenia in recent 25 years have referred in their art practices.
Video Art Archive is the project of Art Basis that works on the collection and preservation of video works.
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