Video Art Archive has been created with the aim to readdress the content presented through the moving images and to foster conversations based on that content. First of all it is a physical and online storage of video art and performances, then an opportunity to question the ways moving images produce paths of thinking.

The archive is seen as a starting point for various discursive paths. The views and positions presented through the medium of video art give a unique understanding and opportunity to reflect about the transformations and changes taking place in the society during the recent decades.

Archivation - as documentation and never a subjective opportunity to historicize, instead of researching the artists’ works for history is itself a tool to prevent narrating art histories.

The archive is a way to look at the situation without narration, a repository of raw, structural information intended for curators and critics to reactivate the circulation of the moving image and to readdress the issues raised through the medium in public conversations.

The archivation of video art and performances has always been done by artists and institutions active in different periods, but it has never been made public as an open space for common use. Video art archive finds the archivation in a common space important to make the local contexts more accessible. In this sense it is a project that has an indirect educational meaning, a chance to make the conversations more participatory.

Video Art Archive was created by Art Basis platform in 2015 in Armenia. It is a Yerevan based non-commercial, artist-run project and does not represent artists, does not create ratings, does not put emphasises, it simply documents and archivates works that have been presented at least once in the context of moving image.

The Archive aims to foster a deeper understanding of video art through preservation of important video works, encouraging the production of texts on video art, exhibitions, publications and a range of public programs.

The works in the archive are presented for educational and non-commercial use only. All copyrights belong to the artists.